Zero pc normally but really equivalent your mind

Zero pc normally but really equivalent your mind

You do not have instructions; just use your own thoughts. With regards to considered, Kevin’s the fresh brains of outfit. [-ed, -ing]

brandish (BRAEN bowl) vt. so you can revolution regarding or move, from inside the a threatening or difficult method; prosper • Once you brandish you to saber, group ducks to have safeguards. • Helen brandished the brand new fireplace poker as if she desired to strike individuals inside. [-ed, -ing]

burden (BOER din) n. step one. lots; something transmitted; 2. something one has to put up with; huge weight; time and effort; sorrow otherwise obligations -vt. in order to weighing off; in order to oppress • The drywall is actually much burden into the roof of your own car. • Whenever Jill sat into jury, she had the weight out-of determining this new shame or innocence off brand new offender. • Certain autos try classified of the weight they could carry. • I detest to help you weight your towards work from deciding exactly what to wear. [-ed, -ing]

burrow (BOER o) n. step one. an opening dug of the a pet otherwise a canal throughout the ground; dos. one hole or passageway providing as a cover, refuge, etcetera. -vi. 1. so you can enjoy (to the Visalia hookup sites, around, etcetera.); 2. search because if by the searching -vt. making burrows regarding the surface • • • •

An effective flea’s mind is not very state-of-the-art

Groundhogs reside in burrows of one’s own and then make. Some animals often find safeguards in the burrows dug of the someone else. Burrowing as a result of dated data triggered picking out the genuine murderer. Construction crews burrowed in English Channel to create brand new Chunnel, hooking up the new U.K. and you may France. [-ed, -ing]

buttress* (BUH tris) n. a support, constantly off stone or stone, centered facing a wall structure to support otherwise strengthen they; a prop -vt. 1. to help with or bolster that have such as for instance a structure; dos. in order to prop upwards; reinforce • Of numerous Gothic houses athletics buttresses to strengthen her or him. • Flash notes are regarded as buttresses for rote studying off circumstances. • Buttress the disagreement resistant to the tax walk with the new documents regarding result of past hikes. [-ed, -ing]

Short Opinion #thirteen Fulfill the term out of column dos to the term off column step 1 this means really almost the exact same thing. 1. bereft

C cajole (kuh JOHL) vt. to help you coax that have insincere speak; so you can flatter assured of getting one’s method; so you’re able to wheedle • Maxine tried to cajole their husband with the visiting the videos. • Barney cajoled Lois to praise your for the book sale. [-d, cajoling, -ry n., cajolingly adv.] [Syn. coax]

calamity (kuh LAM we tee) n. step 1. strong problems; misery; dos. one higher bad luck entailing sorrow and you may losings; disaster • The loss of someone close is always a disaster. • The fresh assault to your Globe Trading Center ranks that have Pearl Harbor one of the U.S.A good.’s most readily useful catastrophes. [calamitous adj., calamitously adv.] [Syn. disaster]

Roger had brained by the basketball bat

california uh RAD oer ee) n. warm, amicable feelings away from support among comrades; comradeship • Caong military comrades who were thanks to specific treat with her. • A general feeling of camaraderie pervaded the atmosphere given that team partners achieved regarding tavern to relax and you may share its reports towards the a friday day. campaign (kam PAYN) n. 1. a series off armed forces functions geared towards a specific objective; dos. a few arranged steps for the majority of certain mission -vi. to-be employed in a strategy • The second Industry War’s Western european campaign is actually battled to help you liberate the new captive regions and beat Germany. • Andrea are mixed up in presidential election strategy. • She campaigned enthusiastically to possess (then) Senator Kerry. [-ed, -ing, -er letter.] [Syn. battle]