Top Project Plan Templates Download: 7 Samples Project Management Templates

List your tasks in order of importance and make an estimate as to how much money and time will be needed to complete the project. Once your project is set up and ready to go, the planning doesn’t stop there. It’s important to include quality testing and progress checks as a part of your plan. Quality testing is an essential aspect of software development and needs to be accounted for as a final step at the end of the project.

software development project plan

Your goal is to define which type of development the document describes, finalize the product’s overall concept, and your team’s main expectations. After the whole team discusses preferences regarding the plan’s contents, assign a responsible manager who will take responsibility for the plan’s completion. Usually, at this stage, business analysts and project managers carry the most responsibility for the document. While working on the client-side of the user interface, the frontend team prepares the project for the backend developers. The backend team’s task is to implement the logical elements of the software.

Project Purpose, Scope, and Objectives

In order to navigate this process, building an action plan can be extremely beneficial because it will most certainly help you establish a path and create a timeline for your work. And this is where project management software such as Instagantt can make your life a whole lot easier. Once that is done, document aspects such as required resources, budget, and time parameters in order to have an outline understanding of the scope of the project. Next, make sure you have the right people for the job, as software development requires a multitude of different skill sets. Finally, choose a methodology for software development and progress tracking that best suits the project.

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‘Ambitious’ drone superhighway plan receives £5m investment from BT.

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The slide was also built to work with Office Timeline, a PowerPoint add-in that makes timelines and Gantt charts for project communications. The tool can automatically update this software development Gantt chart example, or it can quickly build new IT slides as fast as project stakeholders are requesting them. An IT project Gantt chart is a visual representation of project activities displayed against time. For short, a software development Gantt chart can be the perfect ally for planning, managing, and sharing your project in a simple, easy-to-follow manner. The important thing to remember is that if your project management plan isn’t working for you, think about what you can do to change it. It’s there to guide your project management, not restrict you from doing the right thing.

ProjectManager Is Ideal for Project Planning

You can then search for similar projects and study their schedules in detail. Open the tool to add your tasks on the Gantt chart or one of the other multiple project views. You can import a task list from any spreadsheet or use one of our templates to get started. Seek out a planning software with a task list feature that lets you set priority levels, filters and collaborate.

Of course, you can modify the plans later, but you need to be aware that the quality of the prepared plan determines the success or failure of a given project. But when you have the right management platform in place, the process becomes much more efficient. For further reading, be sure to check out Plutora’s eGuide on value steam flow metrics.

Therefore, the project scope includes what you must do in the project , but also what is nonessential. Project planning software comes in all different sizes and shapes. There are some that focus on a single aspect, and others that offer a suite of planning features that can be used in each one of the project planning steps.

  • As such, it pays to check that your data is clean, fresh, reliable, and in compliance with any specific regulations before starting out.
  • The backend team’s task is to implement the logical elements of the software.
  • While this dashboard isn’t really suitable if you’re working with the Kanban framework, it’s ideal for those operating under Waterfall or Scrum frameworks.
  • The development phases start from designing & prototyping to building an MVP to improving the MVP and creating the final product.
  • Next, make sure you have the right people for the job, as software development requires a multitude of different skill sets.
  • Because no matter how simple or complex the project is, you need an effective project plan.

Project assumptions refer to all the things that the project management team considers to be true without necessarily having any data or evidence to support them. These assumptions are proven true or false as your project is executed. It’s important to document any assumptions your team has, as they might be important in the future.


This is the first step of the scoping stage of a software project requested by a customer. Having a well-thought-out development plan also helps when there’s a problem or a roadblock. By following the process, it’s easier to spot and clear them without affecting the timeline. Here’s your complete guide on planning in 2021, with the help of development analytics. That’s why planning is so vital (otherwise, it’ll look like this project timeline…).

software development project plan

It’s far easier to plan a budget when you can see all your costs in one place. Resource management is a breeze with this easy-to-use template from As an example, when teams have the right highly skilled people, projects are 30% more likely to succeed. Yet, a third of people don’t believe their teams have all the right skills for the project—a recipe for failure.

Project Management Phases

There are 6 major types of software development plan templates. Sprints are a boxed set of periods during which a scrum team works to finish a set amount of work. And to have an effective software development plan in hand, try and include the following during the sprint cycles. Draft the outlined timeline, and submit it for review for the entire team.

Creating a project plan is one of the most important responsibilities of a project manager. This document should include everything the team needs to execute a project, such as its budget, schedule, scope, resource requirements, roles & responsibilities, among other things. However, creating project plans can be challenging for both beginner and experienced project managers alike.

software development project plan

Identify the people who will be responsible for each task and ensure everyone knows who will be doing what. Align programs and projects on one slide with multi-level Swimlanes. Detailed SAP Project Plan with step by step details for SAP Project implementation. While this dashboard isn’t really suitable if you’re working with the Kanban framework, it’s ideal for those operating under Waterfall or Scrum frameworks.

steps to create a software project plan

Once your goals are clearly defined, you can work out what you will need to reach those end points. Your requirements will include defining the other aspects that will make up your project – the team, equipment, time, skills, and budget required. All these requirements will change depending on the size of your project and your specific goals. It can often take experience and skill to accurately determine your needs, so consult with a project manager if you think you need some expert advice with this. Planning a software development project is as important as developing the software. So, take your time and make sure you have included everything that we just discussed in the software development plan.

It’s exactly what Waydev, the #1 development analytics platform, helps you with. And way too often with tech industries today, the work is needed… yesterday. Product Overview Build your own no-code solutions for Project Management, CRM, ATS, ERP, and more.

Payroll Implementation Plan

The size of the project is another crucial aspect that influences the success of a plan. When a team is preparing documentation for large-scale projects, they only see a bird-eye view of the project. The more stages there are in the project, the more bottlenecks can occur. A dead-end on one development phase will cause a delay in another one. Every development team needs a place to collaboratively track and manage bugs, store screenshots and designs, and report on release status.

User stories

Even if your plan is elaborated down to the smallest detail, something you didn’t anticipate always happens. Most importantly, you should be aware of this and be able to face such unforeseen events. Flexibility and openness to change are something that distinguishes every good manager. Keep reading to learn why a software development project plan is important and see what a step-by-step guide to creating one looks like. Waydev gives you practical and objective insights on engineering work, helping you visualize how many resources are spent on unplanned work, bug fixing and other initiatives. You can better understand the financial impact and project costs and you’ll be able to use custom, automatic reports to answer complex questions about what’s happening in the development process.

Do a Risk Analysis

Manage your projects with a free Software Development Plan Template in Excel, Google sheets, or in a Gantt chart. Justin is a freelance writer who enjoys telling stories about how technology, science, and creativity can help workers be more productive. In his spare time, he likes seeing or playing live music, hiking, and traveling. This is particularly true when iterating and improving software across different versions. You should also carefully consider who can access data during the project and when they can access it to prevent security violations.

The project planning process already discussed only scratches the surface of what is a deep well of practices created to control your project. They start with dialogue — speaking to stakeholders, teams, et al. Schedules are made up by collecting all the tasks needed to reach your final deliverable, and setting them on a project timeline that ends at your deadline. This can make for an unruly job ahead, which is why schedules are broken into phases, indicated by milestones, which mark the end of one project phase and the beginning of the next.

These are checkpoints that indicate the performance of specific project activities. It could be, for example, creating an MVP or completing the prototyping phase. Milestones are there to signal that a software project is progressing as planned. There are a lot of things you need to analyze to create a good software development plan. The following aspects are certainly not a complete list, but we are sure that neglecting them will harm your project. Plutora lets you visualize workflows and track projects from idea to delivery, with real-time updates and value stream flow metrics .