Chloe was heartbroken when he refused and told him there was nothing human left in him

Chloe was heartbroken when he refused and told him there was nothing human left in him

Chloe later arrived at the Kent Farm and begged Clark to take the ring, go back in time, and save Jimmy from being murdered by Davis.

Although Chloe was worrying enough for Clark, she felt that Clark was not prepared to do the necessary things and began to take several issues into her own hands without saying anything to him

Despite being angry with Clark, Chloe continued covering him with Lois until she discovered that Lois still was in contact with The Blur and that he felt that Lois was someone he could talk to. Chloe goes to the Kent Farm and when Clark arrived to feed Shelby, confronted him. Chloe asked why Clark was still contacting Lois, and told him that if he was going to abandon his “human attachments,” then he needed to recognize the sacrifices already made by the two of them and finish the training he set out to accomplish.

Clark later returned to Watchtower to apologize to Chloe for not being there for her when she needed him after Jimmy’s death and confesses that he has his doubts, but can’t let go of the human life he’s been trying to leave behind. Chloe confesses that she missed Jimmy so much, and then persuades Clark to return to the Daily Planet to protect Lois from Tess.

Despite having made the peace, the relationship of Clark and Chloe was severely impaired since then and due to the different ideals that both started to have.

She helped Clark to localize the Kryptonians that suddenly began to appear around the globe and also became concerned and a little jealous about the relationship that began to emerge between Clark and Lois, especially after realizing Clark used his temporary powers of hearing thoughts to get a date with Lois and confronted him with this. However, Chloe realized she could not do anything about it and then gave Clark green light to continue.

She was quite mature about this and just as happened with Lana Lang, became a confidant of Clark about his love life

When Lois disappeared from the hospital where she was, Clark’s instincts led him to blame directly Chloe, especially after discovering that she had been monitoring not only his home but also the movements of Lois. The two argued for this but at the end Chloe revealed that Tess was in charge of the kidnapping. Clark tried to apologize, but Chloe would not let him.

Chloe eventually revealed to Clark everything she had been doing behind his backs and Clark became very concerned. He scolded Chloe for doing things at her will and then she told him that he never would do the things that are necessary. Clark began to worry that Chloe began to spend to much time inside the Watchtower and lose contact with the real world and then made her know his concern. Chloe said she was fine and then continued helping Clark in his missions.

After witnessing a possible apocalyptic future, Chloe lost interest in helping the Kryptonians who were now commanded by Clark, and this caused the two had a little dispute in which a gem-stone kryptonite infected Clark ordered Chloe care more and only for his back. Chloe took the order literally and pulled to the surface what she thought about the relationship of Clark with Lois. When Clark was just about to kill Tess, Chloe stopped him and later confessed to him that sometimes protecting his back means save him even from himself.

Chloe continued to distrust Clark and hide things from him as well. She decided to prepare for a possible battle with the Kryptonians by gathering an arsenal made of kryptonite. She assured to Oliver Queen that she could not continue to trust Clark.